Our commitments - Marie Poppies

Flowers made in Belgium, grown close to home

At Marie Poppies, we only work with Belgian producers and local florists selected for their know-how, creative qualities and geographical location. Why is the latter essential? In addition to supporting the local economy, this allows us to guarantee you beautiful bouquets of fresh seasonal flowers. We also support the horticultural sector by offering you bouquets of flowers at the right price and by developing the expertise in sustainable and Belgian flowers of everyone. Our bouquets are therefore provided fairly to citizens who, while enjoying a beautiful flower composition, support the Belgian economy and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Our priority? To cherish the environment by flowering you

Flowers from our region and 100% eco-friendly... we say YES!

Did you know that a bouquet of 10 imported roses has the same carbon footprint as a seat on a Paris-London flight? In addition to breaking the rhythm of the seasons, the traditional flower growing leads to considerable overconsumption of energy.

Although organic cultivation does not use pesticides and is a real sustainable commitment, it does not exclude heated greenhouses from its production, thus increasing its carbon bill.

A solution? Eco-friendly cultivation. At Marie Poppies, we are committed to offering you sustainable bouquets that respect 3 essential pillars: flowers grown without heating or lighting, pesticide-free culture and reduced waste.


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