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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Marie Poppies: The concept

Are you careful about what you eat, how you move or what you wear? Continue by buying truly natural flowers! 

Two years ago, Marie and Valentine launched their ambitious project to offer Belgian, seasonal and eco-friendly flowers everywhere in Belgium.

The goal: to make Belgian and sustainable flowers available to everyone, whether it be through your favorite florist or delivered to your home by bicycle. By cooperating and becoming the link between eco-friendly horticulture’ actors, at Marie Poppies, we contribute to preserve our planet by promoting local and sustainable production.

The subject is still (too) little known: conventional cut flower production has disastrous consequences on the environment. In Belgium, the majority of flowers either come from Holland where they are grown in heated greenhouses, or from countries such as Kenya or Colombia, from where they are transported by refrigerated plane. The use of pesticides for their cultivation is also much higher than in the food industry. The depletion of the soil and the bees’ extinction are direct consequences. According to a study conducted by the Lancaster University, the carbon footprint of an imported rose is 3 kg. Imagine for a bouquet? It's like taking a plane from Paris to London!

The good news is that in response to the growing demand for more local and sustainable products, Belgian and eco-friendly horticultural productions have been launched in recent years. But because of the lack of time, many florists still work with flowers from the conventional industry.

Marie Poppies saw the urgency of the situation and decided that it was time to act and develop the horticultural sector by placing itself as the link between the existing actors.

We make it a point of honor to develop our partnerships. The human factor holds an important place in our company and we are 100% involved in all our collaborations. Whether it is on their fields or in our new workshop located in the heart of Brussels, we take the time to meet each of our partners in order to better understand their daily work. By doing so, everyone’s expectations are respected and a solid link is created, opening the door to long-lasting collaborations.

Of course, not everything is simple and it is clear that such a project requires time and diligence, but the result is magical. Indeed, what a reward when we see one of our bouquets proudly standing in the middle of a dining table.


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