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composed with love
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"To you my darling, my man, my best friend, my love, my mum who I love, my dad who makes me laugh, my lifelong mate, because our story has always been intense and full of love (like this peony)! "

Love is intense and is expressed towards so many people. Say it with flowers.

And this beautiful bouquet will be composed of a love-red peony, helychrisum, amaranth and limonium flowers.
But why Jacqueline? For Jacqueline Evans (born in1971), a marine conservationist from the Cook Islands. Her efforts to protect the marine environment surrounding the islands came to fruition in July 2017 when the government created the Marae Moana marine park. It provided for the sustainable management of 763,000 square miles of ocean territory. IIn April 2019, Jacqueline was one of six environmentalists to be awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize.

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