Our values - Marie Poppies

The birth of the project

This is the story of two young women, optimistic and enthusiastic, who, faced with the ecological emergency, have decided to live the beauty of flowers differently.

Passionate about flowers, Marie quickly realizes the terrible environmental impact caused by the cultivation. In the fall 2019, Marie decides to put on her boots to go and meet eco-responsible Belgian productions and find an alternative. The Marie Poppies company was born.

In February 2020, another flower lover, Valentine, joined the adventure! Her aspiration? To please the ones we love while protecting the planet.

Together, they now offer eco-friendly and seasonal bouquets grown in an eco-friendly way and delivered to your doorstep, to sustainably flower your life.

Our values

1 - Excellence

We guarantee a perfect service, from the selection of our flowers to the delivery of your bouquet. The latter takes place with a handing-over of the bouquets and the assurance of a smooth routing.

2 - Sustainability

Our flowers are eco-friendly and therefore grown without pesticides, heating or lighting and by limiting waste. Our flowers also come 100% from our Belgian soil.

3 - Accessibility

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty of flowers while respecting the environment. Therefore we deliver everywhere in Belgium, from the smallest hamlet to the center of Brussels.


4 - Innovation

Driven by a constant desire to innovate, we develop every day new solutions and alternatives to enhance the flower market while letting you enjoy their beauty and delicious fragrance.


Our mission

At Marie Poppies, we are changing the game! We are committed to promoting and supporting the eco-friendly horticulture to enable Belgian producers to make a living from their crops while encouraging local florists in their sustainable transition. We democratise access to eco-friendly flowers thanks to a careful selection of partners and impeccable delivery throughout Belgium.

Our team


Friendly and enthusiastic, Marie loves the most unachievable challenges which ultimately allows her to go further.


Persevering with a smile on her face, Valentine is dynamic in everything she undertakes and gives 100% to this project in which she believes.

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